The ideal approach for a brand’s social media activities

It’s been almost 6 years since I ventured into the world of social marketing and unfortunately, many businesses still belittle the power of social media and its effect on their brands. Given the size of the audiences that now reside on these platforms and their consumption habits in comparison to other channels, social media is one of the key components of a marketing strategy today. Furthermore, its interactive nature allows brands to achieve multiple business objectives beyond reach, such as engagement, amplification, conversions and many more.

However, without a well-thought-out strategy in place, it’s easy to miss out on the full value that the medium offers in achieving these objectives. By having a structured approach to social and carefully tailored strategies for each platform, your social channels can actually serve you effectively and efficiently in comparison to other marketing activities. Therefore, in order to help you appreciate the practice and get the most of it, we outline here the ideal approach a brand should take for their social media campaigns.

  1. Identify your key BUSINESS objective(s) and your key campaign message. The easiest part is determining your core business objective (FMCG’s are sales based, some prefer to focus on brand love, automotive are leads focused etc…).
  2. Based on this we work on your key story/content strategy
  3. Recognizing your key platform roles
  4. Adopting the right social ad formats, as well as setting your targeting and benchmark
  5. Utilize listening exercises
  6. Involve your key decision influencers
  7. Set campaign check points
  8. Measure results

The above structure can vary based on several factors about your business, such as whether its new or old, the industry type, its business targets, etc. Some results are not instantaneous however social media can be the gateway to start skewing behavior, perception and decisions towards your brand. As the marketing landscape continues to grow and becomes more complex, it’s also important to remember that we can’t look at social media in isolation. Content marketing, social platform marketing, efficient community management and listening are all integral steps for successful brand development on the channel.

As marketers, our core challenge is to remind our clients of the proper methodologies for investing in social and unlocking its full potential for their brands. The opportunities are endless, as we can go on and on about how to reap the benefits of pushing your brand through storytelling, integrating social with AR/digital/offline/experiential content, etc. By following a structured approach like the one outlined above, you will certainly be on the right track to getting more value out of the channel.


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Mohammed Anabtawi

As a social media manager for nearly six years at OMD UAE, Mohammed has helped brands achieve their objectives through well-thought strategies that incorporate social media as an integral component of their campaigns.

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